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Which product should I use?

Based on your project requirements and the aesthetic look you want to achieve, The Green Painter offers many products to suit your needs. Read the tips below to learn which products are right for you, and remember all of our products are environmentally friendly and emit zero to minimal amounts of VOCs ensuring they are safe for you and your family.
Traditional Look vs Natural Look 

Traditional (Glossy)

For a traditional look wood surfaces, whether this be a floor or table, are typically glossy in appearance. To give your wood a glossy look we recommend using the AFM Safecoat Polyurseal, which is a clear gloss finish, or the AFM Safecoat Acrylaq, which is a high gloss lacquer replacement. If the wood needs to be stained, we recommend applying AFM Durostain before either of the finishes. This is a flat finish that can be used on interior or exterior wood surfaces.

Natural (Matte)

If you are going for a natural look, we have many products to fit your needs. To give your wood products a natural matte look we recommend using oil stains and finishes such as the AFM Oil Wax Finish. This is an interior finish that can be stained and can be used for surfaces that touch food such as a tabletop or cutting board. For exterior surfaces, the AFM Clear Penetrating Oil is great for fencing, decking, paneling and trim. This product enhances and protects the natural look of the wood without giving the wood a glossy finish. We also offer the Lobasol Impact Oil, which is a stained or clear coating that offers protection without the glossy look. For a natural finish on walls or ceilings we recommend using American Clay, which is a natural clay finish with natural pigments that helps to bring an element of nature into your home.

Project Essentials

Interior Flooring

For interior wood floors we recommend staining the floor with the Lobasol Impact Oil because it has a hardener that protects your floor. After staining, you can use the AFM Acrylaq for a glossy finish or the Vermont Naturals PolyWhey Floor Finish for a semi-gloss or satin look. Deco-Poz is another interior floor option. Deco-Poz is a cementitious resurfacing material that can be used for floors or countertops. This material is very versatile as it can be stained many colors and can be finished with a semi-gloss or matte finish.

Interior Wall

 American clay is a great choice to give your interior walls a natural outdoor look. It is natural clay stained with all natural pigments. If you are looking for paint for your interior walls, check out the paint section of our website.

Exterior Surfaces

For exterior wood surfaces, AFM Clear Penetrating Oil is a great choice. This product is often used on fences, decks or siding and offers weatherproof protection for the wood. We also offer Vermont Naturals Exterior Wood Finish that protects wood from mildew, mold and UV rays, and can be stained a variety of colors.

Exterior Non slip or Industrial Floor

Eco-tuff is a great floor covering to use on industrial floor surfaces or any other areas where non-slip flooring is essential. Eco-tuff comes in 16 colors and many finishes with varying sizes of rubber chunks. Not only is Eco-tuff great for warehouses, but its also ideal for piers or pool sides, and has been used at water parks and the Houston Zoo. Commonly used for industrial or commercial purposes.

Prevent Off Gassing

AFM Safe Seal is a waterbased, low gloss sealer that reduces toxic outgassing from porous surfaces such as particle board, plywood, processed wood and concrete. In particular Safe Seal works great to prevent formaldehyde outgassing. For a more glossy look, we offer AFM Hard Seal which works to prevent outgassing from both high and low porosity surfaces.

Water and Moisture Protection

 To protect your home from water and moisture we offer AFM Water Stop and AFM Water Shield. These products can be used separately or together. The Water Stop can be used on masonry, stone, brick, concrete foundations and stucco. This product is great for indoor or outdoor use and can be used as a periodic maintenance coat for surfaces originally treated with the AFM Water Shield. The Water Shield can be used on masonry as well as wood. In addition to sealing and providing a protective barrier against water migration, it helps to harden, dust proof, and control efflorescence in masonry surfaces.

Do you have more questions about project specifics? Feel free to stop by The Green Painter or give us a call at 713-797-2935 to have all your questions answered.