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It's not just about the paint!

Paint is not the only source of toxins in your home. Stains and coatings often contain toxic chemicals that off gas and can cause harmful health effects to you and your family. In fact stains, coatings, and calks tend to be more toxic than traditional paint!

A common chemical used in stains and coatings is Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) also known as Butanone. MEK is a widely used industrial solvent and is present in finishes and lacquers to prevent mold. Exposure to this toxin can occur through the respiratory system or skin as it enters the body through a person’s mucus membrane. MEK is proven to cause neurological, liver, kidney, and respiratory problems in animals. Furthermore a report filed by the University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands revealed that a child born to healthy parents was born with encephalocele and cleft palate after the mother had been exposed to high levels of MEK. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists MEK as a hazardous material and the US Department of Energy’s Office of Sciences considers MEK to be a reproductive toxin.

However, The Green Painter carries a wide variety of stains and finishes that are made from organic plant-based materials and contain fewer chemicals than traditional stains and coatings. Ecoprocote and Safecoat are a couple of the healthy options that we offer.