New RCLCO Study Shows Home buyers Willing to Pay More for Health Benefits

The interest in Healthy Homes seems to be picking up post recession as stated in a new article put out by Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (RCLCO).  The article compares a survey done by RCLCO in 2007 to one done in 2012 where potential home buyers were asked “If you were going to move, would you be willing to pay more for a house/in monthly rent for the environmental features (such as energy efficient appliances or environmentally friendly paints) that are important to you?”.  To which 80% of respondents said they would be willing to do so for cost savings and/or health benefits.  The graphs below further drive home the point that people are willing to pay for improvements that have health benefits, even more so than improvements that save energy as 41% of homebuyers are willing to spend additional money on their home if it provides health benefits even if their investment might not pay them back (financially speaking) over time.    

The RCLCO article also pinpoints those most likely to pay more for green as being aged 18-34 and living in the West.  Even more so, "young respondents [are] willing to pay more solely for green’s sake."  Which is to say those aged 18-34 are likely to buy a home with green features for the sole reason of the features being environmentally friendly or having health additives.  In addition, those with incomes over $50,000, and those with kids in the household, are more likely than others to be interested in the health 

benefits and as noted by Robert Charles Lesser & Co. this information is not just pertinent to homebuyers, but is important to builders and developers when considering how to market the green features offered in their product.


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