Its not just about the paint… How to create a whole healthy nursery

 When creating a healthy nursery for your baby, remember it’s not just about the paint. People often worry about the toxic chemicals in paint, but what about the chemicals and toxins in all other household products? While it is important to use low or no VOC paints in your children’s room, it is also essential to consider everything else going into the room to create a truly healthy nursery.


Give your child a healthy sleep with an organic mattress. Babies spend up to 16 hours a day in their cribs and/or bassinets. Toddlers and children also spend most of their time sleeping or lying on their beds. Making sure your baby sleeps sound and safe is perhaps the most important and immediate action you can make to create a less toxic world for your child. Traditional crib mattresses are made of petrochemical based foam or are covered in harmful fire retardants, but organic mattresses are toxic free and made of all natural safe materials!


Use healthy cleaning supplies. A report conducted by the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, MA and published in the online Environmental Health Perspectives journal revealed chemicals linked to asthma and hormone disruption in 200 common household products. While the chemicals emitted by cleaning products have the potential to affect everyone, children are at a higher risk because they spend most of their time indoors. Additionally, children’s organs and respiratory, immune and neurological systems are still developing and they have a lower body weight, therefore relative to their size, they breathe a greater volume of air than adults. We recommend using Branch Basics and Natural Choices, two natural lines of cleaning supplies.


Healthy air. According to the EPA, indoor air is about 200% more polluted than outside air.  Babies will rest better, feel better and be healthier if they breathe clean air. Compared to the size of their bodies, children take in more air than adults do and are therefore at a higher risk of being affected by polluted air. New Living carries Austin Air purifiers, using true Medical HEPA to remove the toxins and chemicals in the air.


Water is an essential part of the day and play for babies and toddlers. Children spend a lot of their time being washed and bathed. What many do not know is that during a typical shower your skin absorbs the same amount of toxins and contaminates as drinking a half-gallon of water. At New Living, our aim is to make clean water an affordable luxury.  Whole house water filters are a long-term investment for your family well into the future. We also offer shower head filters and point of use drinking water filters.


These healthy tips are brought to you by New Living and The Green Painter in Houston, Texas. For more information about healthy products visit our website or give us a call! 


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